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Jeff-up Jefferson Park

Chicago, IL
Jeff-up Jefferson Park

My proposal is to change jefferson park. even though jefferson park is a fairly peaceful place in north chicago i still feel that changes can be and should be made. my name is benjamin koptik and i’ve lived in jefferson park all of my life and i honestly must say it’s time for a change. a couple of ideas i have had about changing jefferson park are as follows. i believe that we need more small businesses in jefferson park would make it a much better place. this is based on looking at other places in chicago like logan square or skokie. they have lots of small businesses and they are thriving in popularity now more than ever. another thing we could change is the parks themselves jefferson park and wilson park need updates to their playgrounds. renovating and updating the playgrounds would make the jefferson park community a much better and fitter place.

Michael Koptik Chicago, IL

Very good suggestions.