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Garfield Park Youth Center

Chicago, IL
Garfield Park Youth Center

Crime is an issue. the reason is cause garfield park have a lot of gangbangers hanging out on the streets. my idea for my neighborhood is that we build a youth center and a store. the store will provide food to children and a place where people can go relax to go the youth center. usually kids in neighborhood hang around on the corner because they have no where to go so they just sit there and gangbang. they have no where to release so they just steal and i think it would be a good addition to my neighborhood. people can play basketball and eat at the stores after they play which gives more money to the community and help lower crime rate. also a police station because it’s really bad over here gunshots are daily and its getting horrible each and every day.the youth center will have gym where people can play b-ball,ping pong and tumbling like the jesse white tumbling team and really where children learn and have fun