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Music court drive renovation and repair

Chicago, IL

The music court drive structure is in obvious need of renovation and repair. the park is beautiful but things have been left to deteriorate. i would love to see music court in its' glory. there have been several comments on, hopefully they will lend their support here to get the project funded. keeping my fingers crossed

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mike williams Chicago, IL

Garfield Park has far too long been ignored and looked down upon as a community that should not be given equal investment opportunities as other regions in the city of Chicago. So I'm pledging my vote in support of the renovation of Garfield Parks Music Court. The Music Court should host theater, drama, poetry readings, story telling, plays, live Jazz, Children performances, magic shows, live classical music and the list goes on. We want a mini-Ravinia on the Westside.

By investing in this cultural gem shall bring residents together and offer a sense of pride to our community. The music court should not be left to deteriorate and should be used for its original intended purpose. Garfield Park is an amazing jewel that very few cities have the pleasure of sharing. We as Chicagoan's choose to live in a city that exudes the arts, culture and great historic architecture. Our tax dollars are paying for this gem and we as Garfield Parker's want to have the same enjoyment that Lincoln Parker's on the Northside have or Central Parker's of New York City enjoy. Our city will be better for it.