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Broadview neighborhood

Broadview, IL
Broadview neighborhood

I live in broadview neighborhood and i'm looking for ways to improve my neighborhood. in broadview i would like to add streetlights to the neighborhood because there aren't that many street lights. at night you can barely see where you are going. on the most of the streets, there is about one street light on the corner and the rest of the sidewalk is dark. at night the only time you can see is when cars go past because of their front lights. on the other hand, the neighborhood is beautiful and quite. i would talk to my community and see their input on the streetlights. i think that there not being any streetlights is not safe. also,there not being any streetlight isn't good for the neighborhood. you need streetlights because you need to be able to watch your surroundings. i just want our neighborhood to be a place where people can feel safe so im trying to improve it.