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Make Augusta safer for pedestrians and bicyclists

Oak Park, IL
Make Augusta safer for pedestrians and bicyclists

Aggressive drivers make Augusta a dangerous street to walk and bike along. Near misses have involved kids and their guardians as they travel to and from Whittier Elementary and Dole Library. While crossing guards and police monitoring help, they are not always present. Physical changes to the street itself can change everyday behavior. Design strategies, like curb extensions, should be considered. These narrow the roadway at intersections and make pedestrians, especially the smaller ones, more visible to drivers. Here is a detailed description + examples:

116 supporters

Goal: 100

Action Plan:

Once we reach our goal of 100 supporters we will present this campaign to Village of Oak Park leadership.

My parents were previously on corner of Augusta and Humphrey. Their BIGGEST compliant about Oak Park was the lack of respect and safety for walkers.

Anisha Dcosta Oak Park, IL

As a distance runner- running from Lake to North Ave, Augusta is probably the toughest street to cross for a runner.

I live at the corner of Augusta and Kenilworth — west of here— and my husband and I have witnessed so many accidents over the years. One involving a mom with a baby stroller with a near miss hit and run. Some of the auto accidents have been very bad.

Would like Oak Park known to as a safe city for walking and biking as part of reasons why Oak Park is a great place to raise a family.

I've lived at the corner of Augusta at Taylor for almost 30 years. It's become nearly impossible to cross when walking my dogs in the morning. And perhaps more dangerous at the stop signs because you can't be sure cars will actually stop.

I have encountered speeding and failing to yield and stop at signs by drivers. It's their fault. We need a way to record who and report them.

Vera Chan Oak Park, IL

It is shocking how many people blow off the stop sign or quickly roll through the Augusta/Cuyler intersection. I worry for my safety and the safety of all the children that are using this intersection to get to school.

Cuyler is also dangerous and needs something like a dead end on chicago or something to stop it from all the ridgeland traffic buzzing through

That street gets so narrow with all those cars parked, something needs to change

Make Augusta into a 606 bike trail