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Add a street mural to Augusta & Harvey to make drivers more aware

Oak Park, IL
Add a street mural to Augusta & Harvey to make drivers more aware

When a driver sees artwork on the roadway, it will make them more aware of their surroundings, focusing on where they are, not just where they are going. This increases the likelihood that conflicts with pedestrians and bicyclists are avoided. The installation of the mural can also provide an opportunity to build a sense of community amongst Whittier Elementary School students, teachers, staff, and neighbors as they work together and learn about pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Click the "Watch" button below to view a video describing the benefits of intersection murals and showcasing successful examples.

Scott Webb Oak Park, IL

Awesome idea, builds community and increase safety!

David Gulbransen Oak Park, IL

Fantastic idea!!

All schools in oak park should have murals painted on the streets to make aware of the children and their safety!!!!!

Christopher Payne Oak Park, IL

I concur with Debora. After doing a pilot near Whittier, difficult intersections near other schools should be explored. Its a great safety initiative that could also promote good community character/identity.

i'm in favor of the street murals because as a person with a disability, it will help drivers be more aware of people and children crossing the streets

This is an unique idea that aligns with the creative heritage of OP. Augusta Street is a major emergency route for the fire department and other traffic calming devices are not feasible. As a neighbor, I can tell you that the speeding and complete disregard for stop signs is disturbing and dangerous for all. Thank you, Zach!

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

Thanks Paula!