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Reclaim Monroe Harbor

Chicago, IL
Reclaim Monroe Harbor

Make Monroe Harbor a functional and interesting destination next to the museum campus.

Start by expelling most or all of the marina. It is presently a subsidized playground for the rich with great city views and few rules. However, that atmosphere contributes to the shore being a near wasteland between the museum campus and navy pier.

Then, follow on with controlled development like Navy Pier or San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf that actually pull the people to enjoy the water.

Enhancement of Monroe Harbor will reduce the isolation of Museum Campus and allow it to be integrated into city life.

Benjamin Recchie Chicago, IL

I don't think this is a very good idea. For one, the marina contributes to the scenic nature of the lakefront. For another, the Lakefront Protection Ordinance would prohibit any serious development on the harbor site. It's not as if the parkland next to the marina is dead--it's actually already used quite well. And finally, it's not clear that developing the harbor as a Navy Pier-like attraction would improve transportation links to the Museum Campus, which is of course what this whole study is about. In fact, it would probably only make it worse.