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Reroute express buses to busway

Chicago, IL
Reroute express buses to busway

The primary connection between the Museum Campus and the rest of the city is the complex series of intersections between Columbus, Lake Shore Drive, Roosevelt, and McFetridge. This area gets clogged at every rush hour, and special events (like Bears games or concerts) only make it worse.

Part of the problem is that numerous express bus routes--the 2, 6, J14, 26, and 28--need to travel through these intersections, from Columbus to Lake Shore (or vice versa). Any disruption in traffic ruins their schedules. Additionally, although they nominally serve the Museum Campus, the only stop they use is 11th/Columbus, which is a hefty walk from parts of Soldier Field and the proposed Lucas Museum.

If a ramp from street level could be built in Grant Park around Congress or Balbo, these routes could easily bypass those intersections and use the McCormick Place Busway instead. Stations could be built adjacent to the Metra stations at 11th Street/Museum Campus and 18th Street, perhaps with another one at McCormick Place. The routes would then rejoin Lake Shore Drive at 31st.

-Better service to near south lakefront, including Museum Campus and the South Loop.
-Better reliability, especially during peak periods, since there is less chance a bus will be caught in a traffic jam.
-Slight reduction of congestion at the Roosevelt/Lake Shore/Columbus/McFetridge interchanges (due to reduced bus traffic).
-Stations (as compared to mere "stops") are easier for infrequent users to navigate.

-Construction cost of ramps.
-Only serves edge of Museum Campus.
-Slight increase of travel time during non-peak periods.