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Better Signage on Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, IL
Better Signage on Lake Shore Drive

Improve the signage on Lake Shore Drive to direct drivers to 18th Street.

Image: Kenneth Spencer

Randy Neufeld Chicago, IL

No Highway signage please

Rosemary Birkeland Chicago, IL

A lbit more signage would be helpful on the east side for drivers heading northward on Lake Shore Drive at 55 m/p/h. Presently there is only one sign and if you blink or talking with passengers, it's easy to miss and in 2 seconds you've driven right by.

Allan Farman Chicago, IL

Signage is useful, preferably totally cut off the Museum Campus, Soldier Field and the upcoming Lucas Museum from all private vehicles totally excep for those working at the sites. Plenty of no entry signs and directions to remote parking are needed to stop Roosvelt becoming a parking lot every time there is a major event. Thereus a vast lotif undeveloped land on the South of Roosevelt that is within a reasonable walk or shuttle ride toMuseum Campus. The problem is that folk are too lazy to take public transport or walk unless these are the only options available. Signage, yes... But mainly Park your car as far away from Museum Campus as possible. As a local I always walk. The mess that occurs when there is a special event locally is simply dangerous as emergency vehicles are totally blocked at such times.