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Add decorative features to the streetscape

Glen Ellyn, IL
Add decorative features to the streetscape

Add additional streetscape elements that make a more pleasant and interesting place for people to walk and spend time. This could include public art, plantings, unique seating and lighting.

Limitless ideas to incorporate permenabt and rotating installations showcasing local talent college talent and world class talent. Collaborate projects w artists and students that benefit village and residents.

Dan Anderson Glen Ellyn, IL

The town of Geneva has a nifty way of sharing the history of its downtown district. It embeds stone plaques in the sidewalk in front of notable buildings briefly describing the history of the building.

First, get rid of that stupid floral clock!!! That would give us back several parking spaces. And, yes, improved decorative accessories would be nice, This might include landscaping, other decorative features etc. Seriously, get rid of the floral clock.

Jessica Buttimer Glen Ellyn, IL

Please continue to incorporate more and more native plants to the streetscape!