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Riverfront Parking/Covered Space for Market

Peoria, IL
Riverfront Parking/Covered Space for Market

More city owned parking should be available to allow families with children and elderly adequate access to what to riverfront offers. Attractions like The Spirit of Peoria will be without parking when the current deck is torn down leaving their many elderly with a long walk. A covered, open structure such as the one pictured would allow for parking and also be able to be allow the Farmers Market a covered structure to operate out of.

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Jamie Jo Peoria, IL

I full up support putting in some green space between the riverfront and the structure. Ideally said structure would have electric access to allow for vendor space for festivals and markets and maybe even heaters to allow for winter markets

Unknown Account Peoria, IL

A lot of good ideas here for a shared use area, but hopefully this would not be right on the riverfront, which is currently mostly parking.