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Light up the Bridge

Peoria, IL
Light up the Bridge

Use LED lights to light up the bridge at night.

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We did this before in the 1980's and it wasn't that hard. Surely it can be done again

Eric Choma Peoria, IL

Peoria needs a place in our city whee we can join the rest of the country in support by using colored lights. When Prince passed the world was purple. Peoria nothing. Gay marriage the world was a rainbow. Peoria nothing.

If we can't do the bridge use the civic centet. It was turned green for Wicked. Why not for good causes.

Stephanie Goodman Peoria, IL

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Stephanie Goodman Peoria, IL

I think this would be a great idea, defiantly would make out city look more lively.

Stephanie Goodman Peoria, IL

I think this would be a great idea, definitely would make our city look more lively.*

Per Ellingson Peoria, IL

This would be iconic, and iconic landmarks instill pride in one's area

Mike Pizzuti Germantown Hills, IL

The current bridge lights need replacement. Now is a perfect time to make that enhancement! Great idea! R

Valerie Brown Peoria Heights, IL

I have always wanted to see this since i was little. Why can't our bridges be lit up and pretty like the other cities. It really would make the city pop out a bit