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The Dunkin Donut Project: Northwest Facing Elevation (Version 1)

Plainfield, IL
The Dunkin Donut Project: Northwest Facing Elevation (Version 1)

Proposed Project Name: The Dunkin Donut Project
Location: Directly south of the existing Walgreens at the corner of Main Street + Division Street
Proposed By: Lee Fry Companies, Inc.
Date Submitted: February 10, 2014
Status: Declined by the Plan Commission on March 4, 2014. The development team is making revisions.

Let us know what you think about this proposed project.

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Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

How is this an unbiased brainstorming page when participants have the option to “Support This Idea” but not to “OPPOSE THIS IDEA”? They should not be tracking the number of supporters if they are not also tracking the number of those opposed. Civic ArtWorks should present an unbiased brainstorming page and should correct this IMMEDIATELY.

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Hi Candace - Thank you for your comment. We understand your concern, but assure you that Civic ArtWorks takes no stance on this issue (or any others) and has no intention of skewing an issue in the eyes of the community by not including an "Oppose this Idea" option. We believe that positive support can lead to action. We also believe that little or no support (what we equate to "Oppose this Idea") leads to no action. The community's sentiments seem clear, to this point, given the number of Plainfield citizens that have viewed the proposed Dunkin Donuts project and have not supported it -vs- those that have supported it. With all of this said, you are always more than welcome to make comments that describe why you oppose an idea / issue / project. Let us know if this helps.

Candace Scholz Plainfield, IL

It is important that there be no political opportunity to manipulate the results of this discussion into support of what the community agrees is a bad development plan. I appreciate that your response to my inflammatory post included an explanation for how Village officials and staff should interpret the information.

Theresa Scarcelli Plainfield, IL

I agree with what the majority are saying!!! This is a bad idea!!! Go on youtube and search "Dunkin Donut Rats!" You will be totally grossed out! The videos show first hand why it would be a terrible idea to put this in a residential area! Please No Dunkin Donut in the front yards of the Arnold Street families! We need to stick to the original "Vision for Division" plan that we voted for. Let's keep this Historic town something we can ALL be proud of!! Keep in mind, this is ONLY a half acre parcel of land they are proposing a Dunkin Donut and two other stores plus a parking lot and drive thru!!!