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Museum campus transportation study

Chicago, IL

Given that mayor emmanuel launched the museum campus transportation study, as an employee of a museum on the campus, i would ask that traffic control and standard parking give consideration to employees of museums on the campus consideration during bears home games and special events at soldier field. i understand that you want to give bears fans and concert goers the best possible time they can have, but remember that some of us have to work during said events and it is a hassle to have to park in the north lot, walk down to the museum and then after a long day at work, to have to walk back and find your car in that underground mega-plex. we museum campus employees should have a special section for parking during such events. we pay standard parking our fees; they should honor where we park normally and give us a respective section in our lot.

William Bedford Chicago, IL

I am the parent of a museum campus museum employee who has the same need.

We Live in the Museum Park Place neighborhood and have serious concerns about the additional parking problems that will occur if 1) the proposed Lucas Museum is built in the location presently indicated for it and 2) the parking that will be eliminated BECAUSE of the proposed location. In addition, the access problem to the campus will be complicated by this proposed museum location.