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Reconfigure Adler Planetarium parking lot

Chicago, IL
Reconfigure Adler Planetarium parking lot

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a huge idea, but cars lining up to enter the parking lot next to Adler (at Lynn White Dr.) often cause traffic bottlenecks and back-ups to Solidarity Dr. (blocking bus and car traffic). This is because you pay as you enter the lot, and there is only one lane to enter the lot. Simply reconfiguring the lot to include multiple pay lanes at the exit would eliminate these bottlenecks. Or just turn the whole lot into an automated lot (take a ticket and pay at a kiosk before you leave).

Bob McCrea Chicago, IL

Tailgating space for suburban Bears fans who don't want to dine and drink at nearby Chicago establishments should be eliminated.

Benjamin Recchie Chicago, IL

While I agree that parking should not be the highest use of land on the Museum Campus, there is a real need for some parking there--not just for the Bears games but for the museum employees and visitors. This proposal seems like a simple, inexpensive fix.