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Fruit forest sculpture garden on humboldt boulevard!

Chicago, IL
Fruit forest sculpture garden on humboldt boulevard!

Let's transform humboldt boulevard from a strip of dying grass and catalpa trees, into a thriving urban fruit and nut forest, filled with apple, pear, plum, cherry, pawpaw, peach, nectarine, pecan, chestnut, hickory, etc. trees!!! and let's throw some lovely art and mulched pathways in there too while we're at it.

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Municipal Builder Chicago, IL

Chicago City Council approved plans for the $1 million “Garfield Park Community Eco Orchard" a community orchard in East Garfield Park. Could it serve as an example and raise awareness of this campaign?

Natalia Smirnov Chicago, IL

Chicago is full of beautiful green areas, but this project would turn the decorative green into a collectively harvestable orchard! It would inspire residents to care for the fruit trees because everybody can benefit from them.

David Gebhart Chicago, IL

If we start here and are successful, we can spread to more neighborhoods

Mark Vandyk Chicago, IL

The more trees and art the better the world will be :)))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

Melina Pagliuzza Chicago, IL

This city needs more life! Humboldt deserves some care and love.

craig sadur Lincolnwood, IL

Green space, especially edible green space, is needed for Chicago. It is important for people in the city to eat fresh locally grown food. This project rocks!

Susie Inverso Chicago, IL

I live right on the boulevard and this would make me enjoy the green space even more.

Kate Vogus Chicago, IL

Anything to improve our neighborhood is appreciated and if it can prove food even better.

Heather Haskins Chicago, IL

This is a great idea. Fruit trees need care and this would be a great opportunity to partner arborists with schools to teach children and adults in the area about pruning and maintaining fruit trees!

Kristina Risvold Chicago, IL

It is a known fact that green space with trees contribute positive effects to communities. Kids play more creatively and do better in school, people with illnesses heal faster in green space, it helps with cooling the air in the summer and cleaning it. Also trees as landmarks give a neighborhood a new identity and encourage civic pride

seth captain Chicago, IL

I used to live around the corner at Richmond St and North Ave, and I still own my building there. Encouraging a thriving green space on the boulevards will make everybody who passes the boulevard feel a little bit better and that goes a long way in life, and this project can be essentially free when handled by volunteers

Asa Kaplan Chicago, IL

This is a gentrifying neighborhood with a vibrant life and not a trivial amount of violence. We need more of what can bring us together, especially around basic needs like food. Chicago's climate is plenty fair enough to grow diverse fruits and nuts. Let's do something with this lonely, unused greenspace.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

This is great Joy! Thanks for posting these.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

This could become a great model for the entire boulevard system. Adding fruit trees to the boulevard would require greater attention (curation, cultivation, etc.) than what it is receiving now. That would benefit the boulevard, and surrounding communities, as a whole. More people engaged, more people caring, more people maintaining, more people taking pride, more people working together . . .