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Fish, Poop, and You - The natural way of eating!

Chicago, IL
Fish, Poop, and You - The natural way of eating!

Ms. Love's and Mrs. Benjamin's Chemistry and Biology students at Kelly High School will develop an Aquaponics farm within the school, with the goal of producing educational and celebratory events that will encourage the members of the surrounding communities to come together and address removing unstable and unsustainable elements within each community to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for all to enjoy.

Jeannette LeZaks Madison, WI

This is a great idea. I'm curious about how big of a aquaponics project this will be. Are they small fish tanks, like the one pictured? What kind of plants will be grown? I like the idea of having small tanks (seems more scalable) and growing cooking herbs on top.

Susan Benjamin Chicago, IL

Right now we are in the planning stage. We are wanting to begin with just fish tanks and expand, if we get some funding, to a larger system. We are going to begin with herbs and such, which are easier to grow. We will probably start with goldfish. We will begin in the classroom and, hopefully, move to a space in the basement.

Drew Morrison Chicago, IL

This sounds like a great idea for a local-scale industry. A lot of Chicago-area restaurants would be interested in sourcing fish and produce from local aquaponics businesses.

I also suggest checking out The Wild Mile ( on the North Branch of the Chicago River. They're doing something similar, and there might be opportunities for you to learn from each others' experiences.

Susan Benjamin Chicago, IL

Thanks for the ideas. We are thinking of approaching the 2 small restaurants by us. We are hoping, if this really works to get additional support from them.