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Encourage the redevelopment of shopping centers

Buffalo Grove, IL
Encourage the redevelopment of shopping centers

There are several retail shopping centers in Buffalo Grove that are outdated, unappealing, and not conducive for sustainable retail success. As part of a comprehensive economic development strategy, the Village should encourage many of these commercial areas to redevelop.

Jason Greenberg Buffalo Grove, IL

There are several shopping centers throughout Buffalo Grove. Many of them were built decades ago and only some of them have had a facelift. In addition, most of them are walkable for a relatively small population in that area.

My husband and I used to bike or walk to the Dominick's at Lake Cook & Arlington Hts Roads. But Jewel--who owns the old Dominick's building--not allowing another grocery store in that building has created a major eyesore for our community. Unfortunately there is only so much the village can do to encourage Jewel to allow any type of development. They (Jewel) don't care about the appearance of our community as you may think, which is evident by how outdated their and not too pleasant their McHenry Road store is.