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Create business districts & neighborhood centers that enhance community identity

Buffalo Grove, IL
Create business districts & neighborhood centers that enhance community identity

Creating clearly defined business districts and neighborhood centers can heighten community identity and character. These places serve as focal points where people can gather. They can include a variety of residential choices and feature entertainment and cultural venues as well as a variety of retail options. These institutions and businesses develop a synergy that helps them succeed and provide value to those living nearby.

I think buffalo grove needs to appeal to all residents, similar to what wheeling and vernon hills has recently developed. There are barely any existing entertainment locations for this who want to go out and enjoy an evening on the “town.” Instead, we are spending our money on neighboring areas to increase their revenue when we could be increasing our revenue and making this a more enjoyable place to reside.

Why do you want to build more retail stores when they are closing left and right? Please find an intelligent alternative instead of creating new retail stores that will become vacant in a short time.

Let’s start by just simply looking at the property values. If there is a successful downtown, everyone already living in BG will benefit from it. Downtown will also bring businesses which will create job opportunities. Village of BG can collect that rent and fix the roads faster, fund local schools, etc. The golf course is a touchy subject, but let’s be realistic in the comparison and think of the benefits that a Downtown can bring us ALL, vs a % of residents that play golf only in the summer.

Robert Johnson Buffalo Grove, IL

On vacate, vacated properties... senior living facilities, assisted care facilities

I feel like BG is the last to start to think about a "downtown" area that people want to go to. Libertyville, Highwood, Arlington Heights, Deerfield, and yes now Vernon Hills, they all have a place people want to go to dinner or walk around. I agree with Amanda's comment above, I'm actually leaving the town I live in to spend money other places. Property values would definitely increase if there were fun, "walkable" places to go.