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The Hanging Gardens of Wabash

Chicago, IL
The Hanging Gardens of Wabash

Not that the structure of the El isn't beautiful, but we can see it all over town. Wabash can be special by concealing it with a diverse array of living greenery. Sustainable, educational, and the next Wonder of the Modern World.

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Craig Carter Chicago, IL

Restrict two-way traffic to outside the columns and give it the honorary name of "Wabash Boulevard."

Craig Carter Chicago, IL

Perhaps it will provide habitat for a bird species other than pigeons.

Mike Edwards Chicago, IL


Erika Warren Chicago, IL

greenery in downtown would be awesome!

Lucio Barbarotta Chicago, IL

The real solution would be to put the rails under the ground or to build some type of modern suspended reinforced cement single pillars rail, eliminating the ugliness of rust and continuous expensive maintenance.
Never the less, I think the creation of such green environment is a fantastic idea, but before it would be necessary to reduce the noise level. Has anyone thought about the same system used already at
O 'Hare Airport? Has anyone been in Paris and ridden in their system? Their problem resolved long ago by adopting wood rails and rubber tires on the train wheels. Another necessary noise reduction should be generally applied to all fire trucks and ambulances that reach out of the ordinary decibel levels, not supported by any human hear.