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Make Wabash a Bike only Street

Chicago, IL
Make Wabash a Bike only Street

We need to figure out some bike only parts of chicago to make it a more people centered, bike center and mass transit center city. This could be the first step in helping the entire downtown loop be pedestrian, bike and mass transit.

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Craig Carter Chicago, IL

You can discourage cars by eliminating street parking and traffic signals. Maybe introduce two-way traffic as a traffic calming measure.

Anne Voshel Chicago, IL

Having dedicated bike lanes is more practical. Bike-ONLY would remove parking garage entries from Wabash, which would make those assets worth $0.

Kirsten Hull Chicago, IL

Great point, Anne. I like the idea of dedicated bike lanes and perhaps reduced car parking to make room for the bike lanes but car traffic is still vital to support all of the businesses on Wabash who need to receive deliveries (in addition to the bus / taxi drop-offs in front of Palmer House).

Teresa Fourcher Chicago, IL

High volume bike lanes yes. But multi-modal is important. Reduce parking.

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Excellent idea!

Paul Henderson Chicago, IL

How about suspended bike lanes, beneath the L but above auto traffic. Gives us bikers a thoroughfare that partially protects us from the elements, yet one that is out of the way of and safe from automobile traffic. No need to restrict it to just Wabash - why not everywhere?

Craig Carter Chicago, IL

This would be really cool, but you'd have to weave in and out from under the tracks to avoid the suspended platforms that are present at most of the El stations. But if they can suspend those pedestrian platforms without running into vehicular clearance issues, they should be able to do the bike lanes, too. How would you ramp up?

Cecilia Gamba Chicago, IL

I think it would be great to experiment that, at least on specific days/times? Or at least just eliminate parking, leave a lane for cars to reach parking garages and make the rest ped/bike.

Nicole Beck Chicago, IL

how would you regulate east west pedestrian & auto traffic? unfortunately bicyclists don't heed traffic signals well