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City Beach

Peoria, IL
City Beach

Peoria (and the Illinois River in general) doesn't have a nice public beach. Convert Riverfront Village to an urban sand dune landscaped with native Illinois grasses. Emphasis would be not only on providing a beach for enjoying good weather, and view of the river/city, but encouraging outdoor activity while providing a unique experience grounded in the natural beauty of the Illinois River. Could (perhaps) incorporate volleyball courts, a splash pad/fountain (or pool area), some shade, etc.

A couple of issues with this. First, the Illinois River is disgusting, as far as water quality goes. Second, until Peoria initiates a fix for the Combined Sewer Overflow, this area around downtown is a serious health hazard anytime it rains. The pollution that comes from the inadequate sewer systems overflowing is nasty and very possibly life-threatening. The plan for a remedy to the CSO is currently a green one, and it involves the establishing of green areas with plants that help filter the water. so, the beach idea is not all that off base from what will need to happen, to keep Peoria from being fined by the EPA for our continued flushing of untreated water into the river.
if the water was clean, then yes, a beach. since it isn't, and won't be for quite a while, I think a different approach is needed.

chad lohnes East Peoria, IL

It's supposed to say "doesn't have a nice public beach."

chad lohnes East Peoria, IL

I think the former Joe's could be converted to a beach house with food, one of the other buildings could possibly convert to locker room/shower/bath facilities. More possibilities for the third. I'd love suggestions for off season uses, and I don't know how we'd re-engineer the structure to support the sand. I do think the sand could double as an insurance policy, as it would be readily available to bag during floods.

Valerie Brown Peoria Heights, IL

would be nice to have one

chad lohnes East Peoria, IL

Very true Rick Melby, the water is dirty. To clarify, this idea was never intended to provide any river access, other than from a proximity/ambiance standpoint... Though if the water were more clean, maybe that could be a future consideration.
The intent here is actually more concerned with how to adapt the existing structure into a unique park like beach or dune. It would be great if an actual connection to water could be made a splash park or pool, that could potentially clean river water for use (similar to the floating Pluspool project currently in fundraising in NYC), and/or incorporate some of the plant based filtration you've mentioned.
I was hoping to initiate a conversation here about ways to not waste the money/effort that has already been invested in the platform itself (as I'm sure you know, that much concrete it far from green). Do you see any potential for some combination of these ideas?