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The Congress Theater...

Chicago, IL
The Congress Theater...

My neighborhood is surrounded by many buildings,stores and parks
theres a building around its called the congress was used for wrestling shows and concerts.on april theater was shut down had its liquor license revoked due numerous safety code violations. my idea for is repaint it,take away all the ugly graffiti from the wall.if we repaint the walls from the outside a lot more people would think about going to the congress theater, since the theater looks very ugly and unsafe place with all the graffiti. also fix the bathrooms, those bathrooms are always messy and dirty, what kind of person would wanna go to a place where the bathrooms are very dirty? i wouldn't. if i had the opportunity to fix the bathrooms i would make them look very fancy just like the theater is.i would get someone to paint artist and wrestlers that have come to the theater. get them to paint their faces outside the theater people would know how many people have presented there.