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The Congress Theater

Chicago, IL
The Congress Theater

The issues in my neighborhood is a old theater called "congress theater". around the theater is really dull and worn out. people have been putting graffiti all over the theater for many years, but when people buffer up the graffiti it doesn't help because the color of the theater is so worn out the cover up doesn't look right. the inside of the theater may look nice but the outside makes people not want to walk in or that it looks like its broken down.
i'm thinking to put black and white pictures of singers, bands, or different entertainment around the building to show what the congress theater had given to show other people around the world. around the theater should be art or pictures something that would show people what's going on in the theater and what was going on in that theater before. adding pictures will attract people and get them excited for new shows that are going to be showing up. my neighborhood needs some “pizzazz” around it, and thats what they deserve.

Ihsan Saeed Chicago, IL

I support you!

kamerin randle Franklin Park, IL

cause im black

Elijah Rodriguez Chicago, IL

Cause i like pizzazz

Alberto Pina Chicago, IL

I want to have something cool to do.

Chris Devins Chicago, IL

This is a great idea, Jessica. Your work would re-connect the building to the community.