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Renovating Galewood Park

Chicago, IL
Renovating Galewood Park

Galewood park is an old park that needs a new look. we need to take everything down, such as the slides, the swings, the water feature where the kids can get wet, water fountains and replace them. we could even redo the basketball and tennis court and the soccer fields. i feel they should have these courts because it would attract more people not just basketball players and it would give youngsters more to do. we should change the water feature where they have water coming up for the kids to get wet and add a water park and put a pool in the courthouse. we could do that because people like to get wet and go swimming, especially in the summer.

i believe when this park gets popular teenagers will come to the park, parents will bring their children, not only will the kids have fun, the older citizens will enjoy their time too because with these updates to the park, they will also have things to do while their children explore the park. everybody will come together and have fun.