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Belmont Cragin Youth Community Center

Chicago, IL
Belmont Cragin Youth Community Center

Belmont Cragin could use another community center to help kids who are in gangs get out of them and better their lives. This is important to me because the child who got shot in this article was one of my old friend’s cousins. The thing that bothers me more is the fact that he passed away due to gang association and it was his sisters. No one should have to die because of something that wasn't their fault. This is going to help the kids by creating a safer environment for them to be able to hang out and not have to worry about being on the wrong block or at the wrong corner or even at the wrong school. Most people join gangs because of school and it’s getting worse as time progresses. Nobody seems to be doing anything to help the kids who are forced to join gangs and don't have a choice even if its to protect themselves from being bullied or if they join just because they're bored. A community center helps by preventing teens from joining gangs and helps kids/teens get out of gangs.