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Rebuild Austin Streets

Chicago, IL
Rebuild Austin Streets

The streets of austin are really damaged, and i want to change them. i want to rebuild the street for my community so they can drive down the street and won’t have to turn around because the street isn’t right. i want to rebuild for many reasons.
my name is dashena newson, and i live in the austin neighborhood; i have lived there for 8 years. i used to ride my bike all around the neighborhood, but i really couldn’t ride my bike in the street because it was messed up. that’s why i want to rebuild them. i would like to rebuild them because in the summertime, i want other kids to ride their bikes in the street so they don’t have to ride them on the sidewalk. if the streets were changed, i think people would have better driving through the area, and parking spots for their families and friends. i think this idea is great for my neighborhood. it helps kids and all of the people that live in austin and have been living there for years like me and my grandparents.