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Arcade Library

Chicago, IL
Arcade Library

The idea i have an idea that the library should have like games and stuff the library could have like an arcade. because the library is boring who wants to be sitting an a library that’s quiet - no one does because kids are getting bored of being an a quiet place and they want something different. for example, add a few ps3 or xboxs and then have some bookshelves then you should have an after school program so kids can get out of the streets. in austin it’s like a gang war and it’s dangerous and kids need more sports activity. some kids don’t like games they like sports and basketball kids also need to have summer jobs . so kids can get of the streets. austin it’s reckless . kids just need to be productive and do something with their lives because they have a whole lot to live for like some kids that had a dream now are on the streets. but if you really want your own money this library can help you get a job and do something with your life.