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Potholes: The Real Problem in Chicago

Chicago, IL
Potholes: The Real Problem in Chicago

There is a large amount of potholes in hyde park. fixing them will make the roads better and safer. i have had a pothole on my street for 8 months. by the time winter had passed, the pothole was huge and you could barely drive over it. later, the ground collapsed under one of the parking spaces on my block and the car parked there was almost in the ground. the reconstruction took another month leaving the surrounding spaces unusable. with this proposal to fix the potholes, this annoyance that ruins cars will not have to roam the streets anymore.
the solution is simple but hard to execute. instead of filling in the potholes with the same old gravel and cement, let’s repave the roads that need it most. it may be difficult to get the city council to listen to our plan but it is worth it. the roads are so damaged. instead of using temporary solutions let’s be safer and repave the streets. i think the safety of people and their transportation is an important way to use our tax dollars.

Alex Krueger Chicago, IL

I keep having to get my tires repaired because of the potholes. I think this is a great idea!