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Better K-Town

Chicago, IL
Better K-Town

In k-town, we have abandoned buildings that need to be taken care of. for example, on kostner and washington. some buildings aren’t abandoned, but they are in disrepair. the building i live next to needs to be rebuilt. when people go in and out of the building you can see how the doors are broken off. on the side of the building you can see that the windows are broken and it’s not a safe place. there is broken glass and broken doors and litter on the ground.
i propose building a better park. this would help the kids have an after school program and a place to play down the street from their house. their parents wouldn’t have to worry about anything happening to their children. some teenagers can help remake that building. when that building is done some people can even work there. it can become a store. i think if the kids are happier, the parents will be happier and both the building and the park will improve.