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Avondale Riverwalk

Chicago, IL
Avondale Riverwalk

The section of the Chicago River around Avondale is largely unused, and many businesses are lined up along the river. This is problematic as many residents of Avondale wish to have greater access to the River.
My idea would be to turn the riverfront into a mixed use land area, where businesses and housing would be located. Along the front, a riverwalk would be used to help connect various structures, such as restaurants, condominiums, and possibly parks.
This idea is already being partially executed by Metropolis coffee CEO Tony Dreyfuss and building developer Paul Levy, who are working on creating a large complex along the river on Rockwell, by Metropolis’s offices. The complex is designed to house multiple businesses, with an open area in the back facing the river. Various other businesses in the area have expressed interest in a riverwalk-type project, including a brewery and a chocolate company.
The only part of my idea which wouldn’t occur in this project is any type of housing, due to the zoning of the riverfront area. However, Alderman Deb Mell of the 33rd Ward could potentially create action to rezone the area for mixed-use, allowing housing structures to be built along the riverfront.

Peter Jabbour Chicago, IL

Great idea! I'd love to have more access to water in this area since the lake is far away from me :(

Esha Kular Chicago, IL

Good idea, access to this part of the river is v important, i like the idea of including businesses as well as housing, restaurants and parks to help increase interest in this area

Alexander Fishman Santa Monica, CA

I agree that access to this area is important. Do you believe that having housing units will increase the access? Would a park, plaza or another type of public space work?