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A New Change for a New Old Town

Chicago, IL
A New Change for a New Old Town

Some of the issues in my neighborhood are the guns, violence,drugs,poverty. i want to change them.i want to build a mosaic mural to show the history of african-americans such as mlk. i want to show that my neighborhood can be positive. gangs are fighting in my neighborhood. we need some type of positive attitude to change my neighborhood.
let’s put up new houses. i get tired of looking at the same buildings everyday. if we could put up some new houses enough so that everyone will have their own house and no one will have to share that would be great. i also want to put some more parks so that the young kids want have to stand on the block with the adults.i also want to build a basketball court so that the young boys and young men can show off their talents.i really believe that if we gave the youth something to do when they are out of school a lot of the violence would stop. so let’s start the change by creating my mural of african-american history.