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Improve service on CTA bus #146

Chicago, IL

I work at Shedd, and I used to use the #146 frequently. However, when they cut back service (about 2 years ago?), it eliminated about half the runs to the Museum Campus. So now I just walk from Roosevelt, since the bus only runs the full route (from Berywn to Adler) every 20min during rush periods. My suggestion would be to return the frequency of runs the #146 bus makes to and from Museum Campus to where it was 2 years ago. Also to stop having buses start and stop runs at Roosevelt, since those runs isolate the Museum Campus.

Submitted on behalf of an employee at the Shedd Aquarium

Michelle Nichols Aurora, IL

Completely agree. The lack of #146 service means that people are more inclined to drive, and that helps no one. Also, longer wait times between buses means that often during the summer, the 146 is PACKED from front to back, and the amount of time it takes to get everyone on the bus is also really discouraging. I have seen buses wait for 10 minutes to get everyone on at just the Shedd stop, and then the bus has to stop again for the Field Museum. More buses would mean quicker service.