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Let's Have the City Plow the Sidewalks

Columbus, OH
Let's Have the City Plow the Sidewalks

I just read an article about this year's sidewalk snow removal in NYC and how it compares to the sidewalks after the 1888 blizzard in the City of New Haven. If they could remove 45 inches of snow in 1888, why can't we remove 10 inches of snow in Columbus in 2014?

Making Columbus a more walkable city means removing all barriers to walking, and as anyone who has tried to step foot out of their front door in the last several weeks can attest to, the buildup of snow and ice on our sidewalks is a huge barrier. This year, and in years past, we've placed the burden of shoveling and removing the snow from all of our sidewalks on the everyday citizens of Columbus, and it just hasn't worked. Let's create jobs and have the City of Columbus employ people to plow the sidewalks when it snows.

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Gus Smithhisler Marengo, OH

I agree...start with the most used sidewalks and move out from there. I think school routes should be the first priority!