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Convert to LED street lighting

Columbus, OH
Convert to LED street lighting

Street lighting can account for up to 40% of a city’s electricity bill, according to Pike Research.

1) Energy savings are real:
LED fixtures would achieve a 40% electricity savings over conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) units. The actual savings is more than 63%. In 2008, Los Angeles spent $16 million for the electricity to run its street lights. When the LED retrofit is completed, annual electricity savings should reach $7.5 million.

2) Maintenance savings are real, too:
In 2008, pre-LED roll-out, Los Angeles logged 70,000 street light repair and maintenance events; in FY 2012, maintenance and repair events fell to 46,300. LEDs are longer lived than the incumbent units they replace (10-15 years versus 4-6 years), which means that maintenance should steadily decline as LED units are fully deployed. A remote monitoring system, installed with the LED fixtures, identifies problems in real time. At full LED deployment, Los Angeles expects to save $2.5 million annually on maintenance costs.

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