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Underpass Lighting Project for the Bob Michel Bridge Underpass at SW Washington & SW Water Streets

Peoria, IL
Underpass Lighting Project for the Bob Michel Bridge Underpass at SW Washington & SW Water Streets

Install artistic lighting under the Bob Michel Bridge at SW Washington Street and SW Water Street. This would turn a pedestrian barrier into a pedestrian corridor and create an interesting public space at the parking lot under the bridge in the evening for "pop-up" gathering space.

Jake Hamann Peoria, IL

Rather than start another project, perhaps a multi-bridge lighting approach could also be considered as it's been done in Little Rock:

Doug Leunig Peoria, IL

Eileen and I are interested in doing anything we can do to help this along.

Colt Sandberg Peoria, IL

Let's start rigging!

Michael Parrish Peoria, IL

I lead the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and lighting design group for Dewberry Architects in Peoria (in the 401 water building) and I have discussed this very type of project with others in the community noting that IDOT administrative rules and Funding will be the 2 primary hurdles to create an eye catching bridge. This community needs to be more forward thinking to avoid being just another mid sized, midwestern city. Interesting things are happening here but the wheels of progress turn very slowly here... too slowly in my opinion.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

Michael - Do you know the specific IDOT regulations that could be a barrier? I know IDOT staffers that might be able to help navigate if it is just a matter of "well, we've never done it before so we are going to (unnecessarily) throw X, Y and Z in your way". Funding-wise, consider my comment below. Make this a competition amongst artists - charge an entry fee - build sponsorship - create a ticketed festival-esque event around the "unveilings” etc. I don't think this would be as successful if it just shows up one night, gets a bit of press around it and then everyone waits for it to do things that it needs more support and scaffold in order to deliver on. Also, consider another successful campaign on here "Light It Up, Baby" for the Transform Wabash effort. That popular campaign was subsequently picked up and turned into a successful Kickstarter campaign. In February the team installed the first test section with the help of the CTA Happy to help you, the campaign author and everyone else that has lent their support - let me know.

Great idea. I have seen lighting like this that is interactive with surrounding sounds that makes it even more entertaining.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

Also consider the potential for a competition amongst digital artists that can develop dynamic, potentially interactive, projections that can be showcased, judged, selected, and utilized throughout the next year. Broadcast the competition internationally in order to draw attention to the opportunity and the city. The Digital Graffiti competition in Alys Beach, Florida, is a very successful example and could serve as inspiration:

Doug Leunig Peoria, IL

I really think this is doable. Anybody else want to make this happen?

John Tuccillo Peoria, IL

The underside of the Bob Michel bridge is definitely a space that has potential, as it is protected from the elements. It could house an open air market, vendor stands, and/or a small ampitheater. The lighting idea sounds similar to the old downtown part of Las Vegas.