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Pedestrian Bridge across the river

Peoria, IL
Pedestrian Bridge across the river

The walkway would connect downtown Peoria and East Peoria with a unique feature that could enhance tourist activity and draw more people regularly to the riverfront. It would provide easy access from both sides of the river to the various attractions, shopping, and restaurants on both sides and could be a cooperative venture with East Peoria.

James Boston Peoria, IL

Great way for cyclists to safely cross the river too

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

I really like the idea. In order to grow an initial group of consistent users that can help validate the creation of another bridge why not start with the use of the existing bridges? Add dedicated / protected pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to each. Bob Michel already has the pedestrian sidewalk with what appears to be some extra width that could allow for the bicycle lane(s). Murray Baker may need something more substantial.

Mike Buoscio Peoria, IL

Making Peoria more pedestrian/bike friendly gets people downtown.

The barges and other boats probably wouldn't clear it,, it would cost too much..we'd be better off with a city deck along the riverfront between the murry baker and bob michel bridges..which, can include, a bike trail, walkpath and food carts; along with other amenities.


Yeah, because peoria has a few extra hundred million dollars mucking about to spend on a 2500' bridge that will encourage people to live and shop in places other than peoria. GENIUS. You guys might as well vote for the peoria tower and amtrak station while you're at it. Maybe peoria voters can organize a hostel takeover of caterpillar and liquidate all of its assets to pay for these brilliant plans. There's gotta be a matching federal grant lying around somewhere for that...