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Park(ing) Deck

Peoria, IL
Park(ing) Deck

Decrease the cost of multiple projects and increase neighborhood vitality by combining diverse amenities into one project.

The Park(ing) Deck places a green roof top of needed Warehouse District parking decks, providing protection from sun, snow and rain for the top parking level and providing access to public green space with tremendous views of the river. The green roof absorbs wet weather instead of adding it to the CSO. The park may be slope down to sidewalks for access. Parks may also include climbing walls and trellises, etc.

Julie Enzenberger Peoria, IL

not enough parking downtown

We should also, include, commercial and retail space on the first level to increase foot traffic along the area.

Unknown Account Peoria, IL

Extra support for climbing walls. Could be a big draw, especially if able to incorporate something for a regional or national climbing competition.