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Low Line

Peoria, IL
Low Line

Extend the riverfront trail into the heart of the Warehouse District through the May Street corridor to tie the District and the Riverfront together. Drainage tiles installed beneath the permeable trail extension can be run directly to the river. Branch drain lines throughout the District can tie into the main under the trail, thus a considerable up-hill area can be separated from the CSO. Like an agricultural furrow in reverse: instead of retaining up-hill runoff, the trail collects then releases storm water directly into the river.

Per Ellingson Peoria, IL

Incorporate allies through Bike Peoria

Sue Auer Peoria, IL

I think it is important to not let a huge section of the City die which is what has happened but in order to move forward we will need additional parking, residential and commercial development.

Jay Babin Glasford, IL

The Warehouse District in general needs to be an attraction for people. This initiative is perfect for making use of space that would not otherwise be considered an attractive investment opportunity.

Grant Lonie East Peoria, IL

We need ways to connect the warehouse district to downtown.