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Creative Lighting

Peoria, IL
Creative Lighting

Provide lighting that creates a safe but also aesthetic environment. Much of the river front is dimly lit. Additional lighting would encourage people to be along the river front at night. This lighting does not have to be just street lights. It can be more artistic. It could be changing, colored, light up the ground or greenscape, light up buildings, even change colors or shapes. This would also create a baseline for the skyline. When coming over the bridge, people would see the park and river front lit up as a sort of welcome mat.

Jon Walker Peoria, IL

I agree. And to go a step further we need to start upgrading all of the high pressure sodium lights that line the downtown and Riverfront street with clean, bright LED to match the new lighting in the Warehouse District. The areas lit with none LED looks dark and dirty compared to the areas with LED.

Jon Walker Peoria, IL

....areas lit with non-LED.....