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Saving Lives by Saving Bees: Urban Rooftop Gardens

Reno, NV
Saving Lives by Saving Bees: Urban Rooftop Gardens

Let's create urban rooftop gardening that cater to bees on our highest buildings in Reno. The Waldorf Astoria in NYC has already done this and their chefs even utilizes the honey the bees produce into their local restaurants. Reno can partner with non-profit organizations, like Urban Roots, to make this possible. Can City Hall be the first location to implement this idea, then imagine when others join in. The bird's eye view would be spectacular, especially for tourists flying over the GSR, and Reno can be known as being a pioneer in urban rooftop farming.

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Alexander Fishman Santa Monica, CA

What a brilliant idea. Would the city government need to change zoning rules to accommodate these gardens, or are they permissible under current building codes? Who could you ask to find out?

thank you for the suggestion! we are currently investigating that.

Alisa Simeral Reno, NV

Fabulous idea!!