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Save the Chicago Avenue Bridge from Demolition

Chicago, IL
Save the Chicago Avenue Bridge from Demolition

We believe that the Chicago Avenue Bridge should be restored and the City should plan for more effective ways to move people efficiently across the Chicago River. We object to the proposed tear down & replacement because 1) the bridge and its unique tender houses are part of the city’s collection of famed movable bridges that should be protected as an ensemble 2) the proposed replacement includes added lanes that will not solve congestion but will encourage faster car speeds that make conditions less safe for pedestrians & bicyclists.

Could someone post a link to the replacement proposal? It is hard to believe the replacement bridge would be less safe for cyclists. This is bridge is direct cause of many cycling injuries due to the slippery metal grate surface with gaps and the lack of a bike lane.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

Those issues are serious and I have experienced them myself. However, I believe that each of them can be addressed without demolishing the bridge and building a new one.

Chicago needs creative solutions that solve today's concerns without sacrificing the very reasons people want to live here. The notion that anything new is somehow the immediate equal to our historic assets is patently false: Look no further than Division Street at Goose Island.

Other leading cities understand this fact and work harder to produce lasting, respectful, creative solutions that grow their environment without negating it. It's high time Chicago gets with the program. I applaud this group for speaking out for what's right - please continue to do so.