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It is finally time to actually do this. Utilize LED and other new lighting technology to make the ‘L’ infrastructure into a must-see, go-to lighting extravaganza and a true Chicago destination.

Mike Edwards Chicago, Illinois

I believe this could make a huge impact on drawing people from Grant Park and get the millions of visitors from the Park(s) to Wabash and beyond.

Caitlin Magidson Chicago, Illinois

Not only would this be an amazing spectacle, but it would also make walking down Wabash at night much safer and more inviting.

Miqui Crespo Chicago, Illinois

There is no reason why this shouldn't happen! This creative idea would change something so simple/mundane into an elevated experience. I would love to see this happen!

Devin Wambolt Chicago, IL

DCBolt Productions is in Full Support! We love contributing to our local community!

Cecilia Gamba Chicago, IL

This would be great. It could start out as temporary/special events and go from there!

Phil Rizzo Chicago, Illinois

Great idea! Cheap, inspires art in the city, lights up transportation (for safety and look)! Id love to see this go even further than the "L"

Adam Germann Gurnee, Illinois

DCBoltProductions along with Germann Lights is in full support of this! We believe Chicago can rival places like Miami and Las Vegas, whom already have large LED Installations that attract millions of tourists every year. By using custom and new lighting technology as it becomes available, Chicago can be on top of the architectural lighting spectrum.

Davis McCarty Chicago, Illinois

Light it up!

Maureen Lancy Chicago, Illinois

Love the idea - what's the down side? why do we need to vote on this?
We can do light shows too -like Vegas!

Chris Devins Chicago, Illinois

This is a great idea for the reasons stated above

Nicole Beck Chicago, Illinois

might disturb the pigeons from their roosting too. economical idea with vibrance. divide zones into DIFFERENT artists expressions/codes/designs. LEDs have reached their time. makes sense for highlighting buildings that have architectural significance.

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