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Peoria Unlimited

Peoria, IL

Encourage our city council, staff, and private sector to develop a large multi-use public park within the heart of our Warehouse District that could host major outdoor events akin to Chicago's Grant Park. Such a public space would enhance and soften the industrial nature of that, transitional, region and draw further residents and frequent tourists:

ALSO.... Peoria needs to strongly explore light rail. The most progressive cities, throughout the Western Hemisphere, Asia, and other continents possess some form of public, municipal, rail service. Many city residents who won't ride city buses would use public rail service throughout our CBD and other regions.

Jon Walker Peoria, IL

Small pocket parks in the Warehouse District along with an for a community garden.

Imagine Peoria... Metamora, IL

A multi-functional green space in the heart of the Warehouse District - which I contend is May Street - would provide an outstanding neghiborhood destination for the soon-to-come hundreds of residents.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

" EXCELLENT! " I love it. Peoria city planners and downtown developers will much sooner than anticipated, experience resident demand for such things. And not only this. As these new residents settle in, they"ll demand similar necessities and amenities (ex: new schools, full-service retail, etc.) like their suburban counterparts. ALL will come at a hefty price that both public and private sector will have to provide in order to sustain a vibrant downtown population, with an inevitable scarcity of available land.... In the words of an old saying, " Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it! "

Darren Graves Peoria, IL

I would rather see small pockets of green space near the Warehouse District and try to keep with the era of all the buildings. A large entertainment venue would be better utilized on the northeast side of downtown near Morton St. We need to bring attention to all along the river. To create a green space in one of the oldest industrial areas of Peoria; would be very costly and risky for the city, tax payers and the state. While on the east side of I-74 there is plenty of green space that is workable, housing can be built on empty lots, park space is near by and also near the Illinois river.

I completely agree with the light rail service. I believe in downtown Denver, there is a light rail and bus service for people to mobilize throughout the district. I was in Holland and Germany last month and the traffic options were very similar there. In areas where the streets were narrow light rail service could be found and on wider streets were light rail, bus, automobile traffic and cyclists.

Christopher Callen Peoria, IL

Logical.... However, the upcoming residences are going up west of I-74. With hundreds of upcoming downtown residents, including those hosting and raising families, many will demand an easily accessible and multi-functional public park for picnics, play football, etc. Festival Park and Martin Luther King, Jr. parks are the nearest to downtown. But, each lacks certain amenities or poses safety issues that professional and ' upscale ' residents will demand. Also, most Peorians are more ' autocentric ' than those from many European and North American cities. If they have to walk more than two blocks from their residences, especially toting food and lawn chairs, most are likely to commute by automobiles. Thus, furthering the endless parking issue.