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Permanent grocery stores for the neighborhood

Chicago, IL
Permanent grocery stores for the neighborhood

The story of my neighborhood so where i live ( which is south shore drive ) is a very neutral place,filled with children and moms, and corner liquor new idea is that we make a place/plaza for a grocery store that stays there and can never be the residents in the south shore don’t have to go far out the neighborhood to get their groceries.makes things less complicated and less effort to get to the store.the reason why i’m asking fro this is because, me and my mom do not have a car and other families around my neighborhood don’t we live on 78th and south shore,we have to walk all the way to 71st street to get to the nearest grocery store,because the buses around my house sometimes do not come on time or at by the time the bus does come we would already be at the store and walking back to the house when we see,so please,help me and my neighborhood have more chances to buy our groceries without struggling or worry that it'll take long to get home.