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Changing North Lawndale Neighborhood

Chicago, IL
Changing North Lawndale Neighborhood

Hi my name is diamond, and i think we should change north lawndale neighborhood. the reason why i think we should change north lawndale neighborhood is because its very nasty over there and we need more stuff. we need more clubs around here there's really nothing over at north lawndale neighborhood. i think we need more buildings over there because it's violent. there are people standing on corners, people fighting, shooting and all types of stuff. so if we had clubs and more actives we will have less people on the streets.
the club that i want to start is boys and girls club. there are 3 locations in south lawndale, south of ogden ave., but none north of ogden. we need a boys and girls club near north lawndale because kids need to be somewhere safe instead of staying at home by yourself or just doing nothing. kids can go after school is over and be there until a parent gets there. boys and girls club is all about having activities, meeting new people, and being in a safe place.

Joe Ochiltree Chicago, IL

This is a great idea, and definitely it sounds like a thing the community needs.