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in the form of walking and bike paths (that preferably pass under bridges) and public launches for those who would like to boat on the river.

Jerry Quandt Chicago, IL

Public river-based transit to and from downtown from this site with accessibility for bikes would also be great. As the north branch of the river continues to develop, river walk access will continue to increase (hopefully forming a path all the way downtown). In the immediacy, having immediate public transportations access for those that choose alternate forms of transportation, would be great. Water taxis for pedestrians and bikers alike.

Elie Zenner Chicago, IL

I agree wholeheartedly. Continuous riverside walking and biking paths along the North branch would provide new transit alternatives and likely attract people to explore and spend money in neighborhoods that they normally don't visit.

Lee Crandell Chicago, IL

It would be great if this could be connected to the other riverfront trail stub just north in Lathrop Homes. And I love the idea of a water taxi dock here.

Andrew Sargis Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Water Taxi expansion up the North Branch is absolutely possible. It would not only increase access to and from the area, but also alleviate traffic congestion and emissions. When looking to expand taxi service the three major pitfalls are;
- Dilapidated Seawalls. On the North Branch many riverbanks would take substantial investment to allow for safe loading/unloading of passengers.
- Submerged hazards. Our forefathers were not kind to the North Branch. The riverbed is full of garbage, discarded equipment, and even cars.
- River Depth. Current Chicago-area passengers vessels can go as far north as Belmont. Any further the draft is too shallow

That being said, CWT expansion north is entirely possible and areas to consider are; Chicago Avenue, Kendall College, the new Finkel/Gutman Development, and Lathrop Homes.

Mark Karhoff Chicago, Illinois

Link the newly completed 606 trail and the trails along the river.

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