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Creative Studio / Artisanal Manufacturing Facilities

Chicago, IL
Creative Studio / Artisanal Manufacturing Facilities

Create multi-tenant, creative studio / artisanal manufacturing facilities amidst the North Branch Industrial Corridor.

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Lee Crandell Chicago, IL

This is a great idea. We need more incubators like this as a step-ladder for new businesses getting started. Considering this site's industrial history and the land use trends nearby, this concept makes a lot of sense to help the area transition over the long term.

Martin Sorge Chicago, IL

Agreed. An incubator with programming that connects these baby businesses to training, resources, funding, and then transitions them to other spaces in the North Branch corridor. A partnership with UI Labs on Goose Island or nearby DePaul University makes this seem a natural fit.

Kate Jakubas Chicago, IL

Chicago has many coworking spaces and business incubators - what we need to support these small businesses is manufacturing space for small-scale production of clothes, household goods, consumer packaged goods, furniture, etc. Product-focused startups have few options for how to start small in the city, and a coworking space devoted to their needs would be a great use of the space.

Another idea for one of the manufacturing buildings would be to do something like City Museum in St. Louis. It's a great draw for families and college kids (i.e. DePaul) as well as young adults. it can be used as an entertainment facility and an indoor recreational space which is needed in the winters around here. This would not necessarily be incompatible with business uses there and would probably have different hours also, more heavily used on weekends and evenings.