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Urban Gondola

Chicago, IL

Urban Gondola, similar to one in Medellin, Columbia and one proposed for Austin, Texas that would take passengers from Union Station down Van Buren to Stations above the two L stations and tracks to Van Buren Metra/South Shore/ Institute of Arts station then south past Buckingham Fountain and south east across Grant Park to a station between Field and Shedd then east to a station on the south side of the Planetarium, south along Northerly Island across the small bay to a station between Soldier Field and the new Lucas Museum then south across LSD to its final station in McCormick place.


1. Constant motion no waiting for bus/rail
2. small footprint, just need towers to string cable
3.Small personal 6 person carriages with room for 2 bikes
5. Amazing Scenic opportunities

Jim Cooney Chicago, IL

I attended my first GSLA meeting a week ago that was held at Vice District Breweing. Unfortunately our trusty new realligned alderman didn't make an appearance, (nice going Pat) and I thought maybe there's be an open discussion amongst the group that attended but that didn't happen. So now that I've gotten to this point was pleased to see someone else has a similar idea that I was planning to offer at the gathering.

Sanford Morganstein Chicago, IL

Of course, a lay observer has no idea if this is economically feasible. But if it is, I would support this idea more than any of the other suggestions. The gondolas will call attention to museum campus and encourage more participation at the museums. They would also highlight Chicago as a progressive city.

I watched part of the video (only part) and didn't see anything about access for people with disabilities. The video mentioned slowing the cars down to 2-3 miles per hour. They would have to stop to accommodate people with disabilities.