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Encourage the development of duplexes

Antioch, IL
Encourage the development of duplexes

In order to improve the diversity of housing types in Antioch, the development of duplexes should be encouraged. Duplexes are small to medium-sized structures that consist of two stacked dwelling units, one on top of the other or side-by-side, both of which face and have an entry from the street.

View the following links to see how the new zoning ordinance (DRAFT) addresses duplexes:

Definitions >>
Allowed Districts >>
Traditional Neighborhood Design Standards >>
Off-street Parking >>

Images courtesy of Opticos Design (Missing Middle Housing) >>

jay klosinski Antioch, IL

Absolutely. It would increase property values by allowing more affordable rentals, bring in additional people bringing more business to the antioch area. Yes.

Support this especially if the comprehensive master plan says so! I would say these can be incorporated into new subdivisions as well! 10% of the housing is duplex? It can be mixed into the subdivision